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French discoveries and settlements in North America 1614-1698.

Pierre Margry (1818-1894), archivist, began his work of collating and transcribing French documents on North America on commission from Lewis Cass, US ambassador to France, in 1842. The aim was to publish documents on Canada from the archives of the French Navy. His work shed light on little-known personalities. Among other things, he demonstrated that the La Vérendye fathers and sons were the first discoverers of the Rocky Mountains (the diary of Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Vérendye is in vol. VI), putting an end to the age-old quest for a passage to China.

Découvertes et établissements des Français dans l'ouest et le sud de l'Amérique septentrionale 1614-1698. Mémoires et documents inédits recueillis et publiés par Pierre Margry .

Volume 1: French voyages on the Great Lakes and discovery of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers (1614-1684)

Volume 2: Cavelier de la Salle's letters and correspondence relating to his ventures (1678-1685)

Volume 3: Search for the mouths of the Mississippi and voyage across the continent from the Texas coast to Quebec (1669-1698)

Volume 4: Discoveries of the mouths of the Mississippi and Lemoyne d'Iberville's settlements in the Gulf of Mexico (1694-1703)

Volume 5: First formation of a chain of posts between the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of Mexico (1683-1724)

Volume 6: Exploration of Mississippi tributaries and discovery of the Rocky Mountains (1679-1754).

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